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  1. 2017.2.19

    Universal truths/principles

    I watched a Tai Chi demo at the Chinese …

  2. 2016.9.6

    Two essential components of martial arts

    Two essential components of martial arts…

  3. Two students are practicing in keikogi in the dojo


    Keikogi (practice uniform)

    Keikogi (practice uniform) Why does eve…

  4. Sensei Martin is being off-balanced to his rear.


    Create a stable base

    Create a stable base From the translate…

  5. Greg Reinhart is teaching self-defense classes for women


    Special class at Deer Valley Community Center

    Self-defense classes for women will star…

  6. 2015.1.13

    Class fee is $50 per month at a martial arts school in Phoenix

    The class fee of Hakuzan-Kai sounds chea…

  1. Waza in Hakuzan-Kai
  2. Why learn a mix of martial arts?
  3. What is the meaning of Rei?
  4. What is the meaning of Sensei?


Free martial arts class lesson


Free Two Week Lesson

Martial Arts Free Trial Come on to see what we do in class! Are you w…

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