Class fee is $50 per month at a martial arts school in Phoenix

The class fee of Hakuzan-Kai sounds cheap

Posted by Kiki

My new years resolution is “do more exercise” and I found Hakuzan-Kai. I have been thinking to practice some martial arts and checked your web-site. Hakuzan-Kai teaches many self-defense techniques mainly based on Hakkoryu. I am interested in self-defense and thought Hakuzan-Kai may be a good choice for me because it is located in Glendale and not far from my home. I checked the class fee and it says, ” Group class fees are $50 per month.”

Low class fee does not mean low quality of martial arts school

If you are not sure, you can try a two week free lesson to find out if you like Hakuzan-Kai.

Second, Hakuzan-Kai is not a business, our goal is not making money by teaching martial arts. The best way to learn martial arts is to teach others.

Our fees are for renting space from 2019 Crossfit, advertising, etc. Our testing fees are minimal and there’s no need for extra equipment.

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