Fees at Hakuzan-Kai Martial Arts School in Phoenix

Profit is not our goal

We’re seeking dedicated students who have a thirst for knowledge.

Free martial arts class lesson

Come in for a no-obligation 2 week trial!

  • Group class fees are $50 per month.
  • We have no contracts and ask for no other financial commitments.

Testing fees are $50 for brown belt and $100 for first degree black belt. There are no belt stripes or patches or any other required fees for studying. You will be asked to wear a plain white uniform and white belt. The brand/quality etc. is your choice.

Special Offer

One month free if you mention our website coupon and sign up for 3 months. For More detail, please visit the One Month Free-Coupon post.

Private Lessons are $50/hr

We do not encourage private lessons since our classes are usually small. They are available if you want something specific that we can provide or you desire more direct instruction.

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