Instructors at Hakuzan-Kai Martial Arts in Phoenix


Our instructors have more than 60 years of combined martial arts experience.
Greg Reinhart Kent Martin Harry Cordova

Greg Reinhart

“Master myself” is my goal in martial arts.Greg: A martial arts school instructor who  mastered Hakkoryu.


October 31, 2004, Greg Reinhart granted the master rank and titled Shihan (master).

Shihan certificate from  Hakkoryu, a martial arts school

History of Martial arts

• In 1984 I began studying a mix of Hakkoryu Jujitsu and kickboxing.
• In 1986 I began my study of Shorn-ryu Karate with Sensei Jiro Shiroma of Arizona Martial Arts Academy. I’ve always admired his well-rounded martial skills and consider him the most skilled teacher of Budo that I’ve had the pleasure to meet.
• My study of Hakkoryu continued long-distance with Sensei Dennis Palumbo and then Sensei Philip Schechter after Sensei Palumbo broke ties with Hakko-ryu in Japan.
• In 2004, Sensei Schechter sponsored my training with
Nidai Soke Okuyama in Oct of 2004 I received the rank of Shihan.
• I ran an authorized Hakkoryu dojo for 7 years until organizational changes at the Hombu prompted me to dissolve my ties with Hakkoryu.
• Schechter Sensei is still my guiding light for understanding the subtleties of Hakkoryu of which there are many.
• I also studied Judo with Gerry Jones of Carefree.

Professional Experience

I retired from Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix where I worked on cockpit displays for commercial airplanes and displays for NASA Space programs.

Additional Information & Interests

When I’m not working at Honeywell and want to get away from the house, I enjoy exploring canyons and Indian ruins. I’ve hiked hundreds of miles in the Grand Canyon but my favorite memories are rock scrambling in narrow slot canyons. My workshop is the favorite place at home. I enjoy woodworking, tinkering with old cars, metalworking and also geeky computer and electronics stuff. My wife also keeps my brain busy with helping her ASU studies when English is the stumbling block since Japanese is her first language.

Kent Martin

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“Understanding anatomical movement and limits in martial arts.

Martial artsKent: A martial arts school Hakuzan-Kai instructor

•Awarded Hakko-ryu Yondan (4th degree black belt) in 2005 by Dr. Philip Schechter.
•Studied with Sensei Jiro Shiroma or Arizona Martial Arts Academy since 1994.
•Also studied Judo with Gerry Jones of Carefree.

Professional Experience

I am currently a Workflow Special at Honeywell Space Systems in Glendale, Arizona, working on high reliability, momentum gyroscopes and mechanisms for satellites.

Additional Information & Interests

While I was on the Emergency response team at Honeywell I received Arizona State firefigher/EMT/Hazmat certification. I enjoy hunting and fishing or just relaxing at my cabin in the pines and when I feel more active I do crosscountry skiing/backpacking and also riding mountain bike. I’ve been married 20 years. My hobbies include HAM radio, homebrewing and playing with home solar energy projects, woodworking to some degree and a list of other endless interests.

Harry Cordova

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Having been introduced to boxing and martial arts by my dad as a kid, have pursued the path of being a lifelong student of Martial Arts; to include the cultural, philosophical, meditation, training and self-defense aspects …seeking to incorporating them all into daily living.

Martial artsA martial arts instructor at Hakuzan-Kai

•Hakko Ryu Ju-jitsu, Nidan. Since 1989, Studied under Shihan Dennis Palumbo,
Shihan Philip Schechter and Shihan Greg Reinhart and Sensei Kent Martin, Phoenix, Az.
• Gosoku Ryu, Studied under Shihan Tak Kabota, Glendale, CA; * Kempo Karate, Studied under Master Ed Parker, Pasadena Ca.
• Boxing, U.S. Army and Univ. of Calif. At Santa Barbara
• Personal Safety & Defensive Tactics; Maricopa County Sheriffs’ Detention Officers Academy (Class 705)
• Certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention Instructor: Trained Joint Narcotics Task Force Personnel, Arizona National Guard, Juvenile Corrections Security Staff, Educators and other Professional’s.

Past Professional Work Experience

• Director, Emergency Operations Center & Emergency Services for an Arizona County
• 20+ Years in Safety/Loss Control & Risk Management
• Training Office, State of Arizona
• Los Angeles City Schools Continuation High School Teacher
• Security/Safety & Training NCO; US Army XVIII Airborne Corps (Det); Officer Candidate School (3rd Army) & the U.S. Army / U.S. Marine Corps Military Police School, Ft. Gordon, GA.

Additional Information & Interests

Currently semi-retired and enjoy traveling out of state to spend time with family and friends in other locations. My wife Gayle and I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren that we enjoy visiting. When not visiting family we plan to start fishing again, something we enjoyed when living in the White Mountains of Arizona.

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