Philosophy of Hakuzan-Kai School of Martial Arts


Obtaining a Black Belt is not our Goal

We do not use multiple colored belts and stripes to indicate rank advancement. Students begin as white belts and continue until they are awarded a brown belt. The goal is not to “get a black belt”; it is to study a martial art. Having one eye on an artificial target means both eyes are not focused on the path.

Our Goal is Self-Development

An often-asked question is, “How long will it take for me to get my black belt?” The quick answer is if that is important, this may not be the right martial art for you. Another common question is how long it takes before one is able to defend oneself. This is much more complicated because every situation is unique and a person with no self-defense instruction may fair better than someone with a lifetime of study. If you asked a golf instructor how long it would take to win at golf they may ask if you want to score better than your next door neighbor or Tiger Woods.

Master Yourself

Your true enemy is in your mind. When you master yourself, you will master the essence of martial arts.

Not for everyone

Our system of martial arts is a unique activity and not for everyone. You will only know if it is right for you by giving it a try.

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