Special class at Deer Valley Community Center

Self-defense classes for women will start in February

Learning to be safe starts with awareness and preparation. The most important thing is not putting yourself into a dangerous situation. This class will teach you how to be safer at home, in your car, walking or jogging outside, and just going about your usual routine. It is an opportunity to ask questions, practice techniques, learn about guns, pepper spray, alarms, etc.

Physical practice is voluntary and non-strenuous.

The special class exclusively for women will start in February,2015. The details are bellow.

Hakuzan-Kai offers self-defense class at Deer Valley Community Center

  • When: Mondays Feb. 23rd to Mar. 30th.
  • Time: 6:30-7:15 PM
  • Location: Deer Valley Community Center in North Phoenix

    2001 W. Wahalla Lane
    Phoenix, AZ 85027-4200
    (602) 495-3735

  • Fee: $30 for 6 weeks
  • What you need: Comfortable clothes to participate in hands-on practice. Be prepared to remove shoes on the exercise mat.

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