Waza in Hakuzan-Kai

What is Waza? Is it technique?

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Question about words used in martial arts schoolI was researching the word Waza and found that it means technique in Japanese, but it is not so simple in martial arts.

One of Japanese Aiki article said,

Waza is,

  • It is not Kata, but Waza can be found in Kata.
  • Aiki-waza is combination of movements of body parts and the movements describes a circle.
  • Waza cannot be waza when you think of using waza, but waza became true waza when you demonstrate without think.
  • Waza has the nature of a law.
  • Waza is born when corresponded to the laws of the universe.

so on… (Reference: Sasaki Aiki Institute)

and other said,

When practicing Waza, you must improve not only techniques but also mind; therefore, you can tell one’s character just from waza.

(Reference: Koubukan)

It sounds like learning waza is very complicated. Can you explain waza in Hakuzan_Kai? is it something similar to definition of Aiki school?


Waza for beginners can be simply imitating what you see.  With time it will become much more than just mimicry. At first, one can think of only going through the motions, like beginning Zen can be “just breathing”. With repetition, conscious effort of the mind to move the body in a specific way will allow the movement to be absorbed by the body and become moving without thinking.

This is often compared to riding a bicycle. There is no thought of “I want to turn right so I lean to the left” after you have ridden for years. If you have not practiced a technique often enough to be automatic, there is almost no chance it will be useful in a fight because there is no time for conscious thought.

In Hakkoryu Jujutsu, movements are more linear than Aikido. We do not think about spirals and circles; we typically want uke (our opponent) to be off-balanced to the rear and then end up being pinned on the ground face-down to eliminate risk from being kicked or punched.

Just like learning to ride a bike; you may fall a few times but you’ll be rewarded with a skill you will not soon forget.

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